Justice for Mr. Martin


“Men often hate each other because they fear each other; they fear each other because Continue reading


Feeling like Peter Pan

Today started out much like any other, a mad dash to get 3 kids ready for school, and myself to the Y so that I wouldn’t be too late.  Although at this point, any one who knows me understands that I have difficulties arriving on time.  Ironically enough, I received the “perfect punch” award at the last staff meeting.  It’s laughable that the tardy girl is rewarded for being on time 1x a week to teach a fitness class to preschoolers!  Continue reading

Growth=enhanced character

During the process of character development, one must constanly seek growth.  Growth can be outwardly visible, such as obtaining a faster running time, or a firm booty thanks to hundreds of squats performed.  Inward growth, the intangible and invisible sustenance we carry within us, is a critical area of development on the path of self evolvement.  Wisdom also comes as the result of experience.  This has often been my MO .  Continue reading

Longgggggggg runs build character. I love flow and my friends.

Friday was long run day for me.  Tuesday was as well, but that’s because I am trying to bump up my mileage in preparation for the Grand Canyon R2R2R.  In essence, I had 2x the fun of hours spent running.  Long runs are my favorite.  They are a great barometer of my overall base.  For example, if I was feeling terrible after 25 miles, I may be nervous that my training to this point was inadequate.  Or conversely, if I found that 25 miles did not faze me, training was going well.  Continue reading

Losing builds character, an optimist’s view of “I lost”

On a sunny weekday last month, my husband, son, and I spent the better part of the day at Mystic Aquarium.   With kids in school, we had the place mostly to ourselves.  If you have small children you understand what a gift it is to arrive to a typically crowded setting during its off-peak hours.  No worry of losing anyone, you can focus on enjoying the sights around you….If you can keep up with your child(ren).  Our son likes to move quickly, often referring to himself as an “inja”(code for ninja).  His desire to run, not walk, everywhere he goes is not surprising.  Being born into a family of a mother runner, a father soccer player, and two substantially older sisters, the kid has to keep up.  From infancy, he knew that there were few options, and he hates to lose.  So, he skipped crawling, and began walking/running at ten months.  Each day is a new adventure in parenting an energetic son.  I am thankful God blessed me with energy to orchestrate our many endeavours.  Sorry, off track…hey, it happens!  But, don’t worry, the point of my aquarium story is building.  Continue reading

North meets South in the West: an introduction of characters

North meets South in the West

Cast of Character:

Amber Hanks

Ashley Walsh

Before I attempt to share any more juicy tidbits about our impending adventure, I must set the stage for our players.  First we have Ashley, runner of the ultras/ruler of Windonia.  Mother, wife, athlete, and super hero, is there anything she can’t do???  Her blonde hair and well-developed quads will aid her conquer of any situation.  Next up we have fellow blonde companion Amber, former Windonian princess/current runner of the Ocean State/seeker of all that is warm and sunny.  Also mother, wife, athlete, super hero, she and Ashley together, make one bad a$$ duo.  Think Thelma and Louise meets Kill Bill meets Into the Wild.  Hold on to your britches, this is going to be one hell of a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned ladies and gents, we are just getting warmed up…….

Running on the dreadmill builds character

Dear diary,

Today I ran on the dreadmill. I ran fast, I ran slow, I ran “hills”, I looked at my mileage, repeat for five miles….  Five miles, that’s all I could manage.  Covered in sweat, nostrils tainted by the raw smells permeating the humid fitness room, it was time to carry on with the rest of my day. I jumped off gleefully, check, done!  I must ask myself why I settled for the dreadmill. Pure convenience I suppose. It is tough to find consistent hills in the vicinity of the local Y.  That, and my time is limited to the daily quota of child care at the Y.  Grateful to have time at all, yet counting down the days until my husband gets home, and I am free! Free to run for hours.  No silly loops, no machines, no time deadlines, just me and my feet. Right, left, right, left, breathe! Continue reading