This should build character…………..

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This being my first post, in addition to being my first attempt at writing a blog, adds a little(or a lot) of pressure to this experiment in character building.  I do however believe in pressure’s power to motivate.  Is this healthy or normal, or does it only lead to unrealistic self induced expectations? We shall see!

First topic on the docket for today is related to the weather.  I do not care for winter.  A little background information about myself will reveal the source of disdain: I was born and raised in the South where summer seems to last for 6 months, and winter is as fleeting as the attention span of a two year old.  Swim suits, sun dresses and sports bras(with shorts of course) are my favorite articles of clothing.  Therefore, I like, I mean LOVE the warm sunshine.  Truly I think my brain’s chemistry is linked like a satellite to the sun, just ask my husband and running friends.  My mood matches the weather, with not a cloud in the sky being my ideal temperament.  So here comes the dilemma, I currently call Rhode Island home.  Slight disconnect between my personal preference in weather and the actual weather.  For example, my dear, sweet, younger brother sent a text to me yesterday.  It read as follows, “Did i mention its going to be 76 for the next 5 days in GA…too hot for canadian geese..rhode island too cold for lou lou’s” (lou lou is my childhood nick name). Now isn’t that sweet. Big sis can ponder the possibility of semi-tropical weather while putting on layers of clothing for her blustery run at 28 degrees.  This is where character building comes into play.  I dislike cold, grey days, basically New England weather, yet I live here.  So, I try to find the beauty in the quiet still of the season.  I must admit, some days are better than others, but I am growing in character by leaps and bounds?

Fortunately for me, I enjoy running for hours at a time.  This basically cancels out my weather induced brain fog due to the plethora of free flowing endorphins.  Goooooooo dopamine!  Hard to believe that it’s legal to run around town high all morning.  If only the other mothers knew what I know!


5 thoughts on “This should build character…………..

  1. Perfect! A way for me to chanel your sunlight satellite! Yes!!! I’m happy you are writing! And your brother is talking about geese? Must be an accomplice to the heart delivery plan?? (also-It is perfectly legal to run around town with the running high, but illegal to do so without your partner in crime. Watch yo’self.)

  2. Awwwwwww shucks, gave away the super duper top secret plan! Well, keep looking for that goose anyway. Remember, she will be waiting at mile 75, behind the waterfall, bearing gifts and poo!!!!!!

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