Parenting builds character.

It goes without saying that parenting is the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs you will ever have, a true test of character.  Some days you have to dig deep in order to keep the pace, others, you have to breathe deeply in order to savor the fleeting moments.  As a mother, I, like most( I would venture to guess) question various decisions regarding parenting on a regular basis.  After all, I really don’t want to screw these kids up!  I only have one shot, then they are all grown up. However, one thing I don’t question is my ability to give love.  Given this gift from my own parents, I respect its power.  Show them your love and they will be able to love.   Love in application is glorious.  Spending time with my children immersed in the beauty of nature is an outwardly visible, tangible show of all that love embodies for me.  It is after these experiences that I know I am doing just fine, a reaffirmation negating any doubt.  We connect on the most basic level, the one that counts. As my journey down the “parenting path” tramps along, I expect to learn as much from my children as they do from me.

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5 thoughts on “Parenting builds character.

  1. You all inspire and exemplify the kind of mom I’d like to be. Reading “Last Child in the Woods” reaffirmed the essential value of time in nature–for kids and adults. Read it, if you haven’t!

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