Documentary of others who enjoy building character: 180* South + A jam (because I love music)

  • “The best journeys serve to answer questions you didn’t even think to ask”
  • “If you compromise the process you are an asshole when you start, and an asshole when you get back”
  • “Adventure is when everything goes wrong.  That’s when the adventure starts.”

Bits of truth and wisdom taken from 180* South

A few days ago I was hanging with my little guy, enjoying some down time, when we decided(Actually I decided, but asked for his input. This falls under the building your children’s character category) to watch 180* South, a documentary featuring Jeff Johnson’s journey south, towards Patagonia.  Inspired by Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins’ epic climbing, surfing, and exploring trip back in 1968, Johnson follows suit. * Disclaimer* I am not attempting to give a synopsis, nor I am looking to review the film.  For one, I am not a movie critic, and secondly, that’s not my intent. So what is it that am I attempting to share?  In short, I want to recommend the film.  It has gorgeous scenery and good tunes, I was hooked from the intro.

Digging a bit deeper, I really connected with the message, and identified with the overall theme: an internal desire to explore the beauty of the natural world.  My heart soared as I vicariously experienced this exhilarating journey.  It made me think about of couple of things.  For one, I noted the emotional connection that was so outwardly visible. Additionally, I acknowledged the strong desire within myself to explore.  The Canyon trip will aid in quenching this thirst to break away from the norm,  those day to day operations that serve as an anchor.  Not that anchors are inherently bad.  Much to the contrary, they are necessary to staying put when a person needs to head inland for supplies and such.  One can’t explore infinitely at sea without checking in from time to time.  Lord knows, I would be floating down to Antarctica if it weren’t for my “anchors”.  Land of the polar bears would be bad news, especially given that I am more of a snow bird* than a native New Englander!  In fact, a friend of mine refers to me as a brown bear.  She’s probably right, I do seem to slow down in the winter, yet I try like hell to fight it.  I typically have two speeds: full throttle, or stop, but I’m not particularly fond of the latter.  So I say, live a life of never ending exploration!

*One who resides in northern locales during the magical months of summer and migrates south for the winter.  Typically, this is noted within the blue haired species.

For your listening pleasure. My happy place is forever sunny.


5 thoughts on “Documentary of others who enjoy building character: 180* South + A jam (because I love music)

  1. I think “If you compromise the process, you are an asshole when you start and an asshole when you get back” should be the new run club motto. LOVE IT

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