Running on the dreadmill builds character

Dear diary,

Today I ran on the dreadmill. I ran fast, I ran slow, I ran “hills”, I looked at my mileage, repeat for five miles….  Five miles, that’s all I could manage.  Covered in sweat, nostrils tainted by the raw smells permeating the humid fitness room, it was time to carry on with the rest of my day. I jumped off gleefully, check, done!  I must ask myself why I settled for the dreadmill. Pure convenience I suppose. It is tough to find consistent hills in the vicinity of the local Y.  That, and my time is limited to the daily quota of child care at the Y.  Grateful to have time at all, yet counting down the days until my husband gets home, and I am free! Free to run for hours.  No silly loops, no machines, no time deadlines, just me and my feet. Right, left, right, left, breathe!

This has been a lengthy tour. The boys have been on the road for several weeks. Most of my days have started something like this: “God, please let me continue to find patience with myself and my children. Thanks. Amen” So far, this has been mostly effective.  I make up for any shortcomings with: (running+coffee+laughter)*5, or something like that.

Roughing it on the road. Somewhere in sunny St. Augustine, FL

Quality family time. We love you daddy.

Lets do this again tomorrow.




3 thoughts on “Running on the dreadmill builds character

  1. sweet sweet sweet. love how you described the smells as “raw”….happy to do preschool pick up on fri if you’d like a few extra miles, mama

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