Longgggggggg runs build character. I love flow and my friends.

Friday was long run day for me.  Tuesday was as well, but that’s because I am trying to bump up my mileage in preparation for the Grand Canyon R2R2R.  In essence, I had 2x the fun of hours spent running.  Long runs are my favorite.  They are a great barometer of my overall base.  For example, if I was feeling terrible after 25 miles, I may be nervous that my training to this point was inadequate.  Or conversely, if I found that 25 miles did not faze me, training was going well. 

Tuesday’s long run was solo.  Running alone is mental detox.  Or, it is mental check out time.  I like having options!  Sure I can do some soul-searching, and that’s great sometimes.  But sometimes, it’s just nice to crank the tunes, and let the flow happen as it will. Flow is another favorite of mine.  That feeling you have when everything just clicks during the run.  Your body and mind are connected.  You feel like you could run forever, yet feel as if you aren’t running at all.  It’s almost effortless.   Yeah, that’s flow.


Long runs with friends is yet another sub-species of running. These runs are better than therapy.  My running buddies know me better than anyone(other than my family obviously). They will call me on my BS, truly.  I love them for that, and many of their other qualities, like putting up with me.

For those that run, you know that there is a magical bonding that transpires out there on the road/trail.  It’s like Vegas, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Running friends have taken an oath.  Anyone that breaks code will be forever banished(not really) and have really bad Karma(yes really)!  Friday’s long run with friends was perfect.  The weather, 60s with cloud cover, was perfect.  The route was great, ending at the beach.  I was having so much fun that I decided to do it all over again!  Why not? I had my equally fun-loving friend Janine by my side, and my Nathan Intensity on my back full of snacks and H2O.  We laughed, shared, ran, hobbled, made a friend at Dunkin Donuts, and found treasure, for the entire duration of the school day, arriving back to town just as the buses were making their mass exodus from the high school.  That was a long run well done!


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