Growth=enhanced character

During the process of character development, one must constanly seek growth.  Growth can be outwardly visible, such as obtaining a faster running time, or a firm booty thanks to hundreds of squats performed.  Inward growth, the intangible and invisible sustenance we carry within us, is a critical area of development on the path of self evolvement.  Wisdom also comes as the result of experience.  This has often been my MO .  I tend to learn lessons the hard way.   Most of my high school experience was like that.  I was the kid learning how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Pedal, fall, bleed, cry, pedal, fall, whine….and so on. That is to say, I screwed up a lot, determined that my decisions were probably not the best option, and realized that my parents were always there to catch me.  I also learned that hindsite is a motha! For those of you who learn from listening, good for you.

This month has brought about a great deal of positive growth.  Something about Spring’s ability to renew, rejuvinates my soul.  The brown fades as green once again breathes life into the landscape.   Pops of color from daffodils, tulips, and crocus delight my eyes.  Is it the change of the seasons that motivates me?  That’s my hypothesis, and so far it has held up in research trials year after year.  I continue to move towards goals, checking things off the list as I go.  Such a gratifying feeling to know that what once felt like a mountain, has been conquored, and I am on the downhill slope, flying free towards my favorite season, SUMMER!  No more coats, pants, or bras.  Hello sundresses and adventure!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Growth=enhanced character

  1. Hold on, you didn’t learn to ride a bike until high school? But thats great you skipped training wheels, cause nobody wants to ride their bike to high school with those babies on.


    little bro

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