Feeling like Peter Pan

Today started out much like any other, a mad dash to get 3 kids ready for school, and myself to the Y so that I wouldn’t be too late.  Although at this point, any one who knows me understands that I have difficulties arriving on time.  Ironically enough, I received the “perfect punch” award at the last staff meeting.  It’s laughable that the tardy girl is rewarded for being on time 1x a week to teach a fitness class to preschoolers!  Thanks for pointing that out Amy, I know Janine is jealous of my super cool water bottle. I certainly earned my punctuality perk. Ha!


Yes, I am the “grown up” that teeters on the brink of Never-Never Land and reality.  Remaining in the middle, one toe in each world, has its perks.  For instance, climbing the playground equipment with my child is acceptable in the land of mermaids.  On the other hand, when I am ditched by my kids for people of comparable size, I have the ability to transition to adult land and chat with the parents standing on the sidelines.  Obviously I don’t prefer this.  It’s rather dull and sedentary.  Not really my style.  Some days I am lucky, and encounter another youthful spirit.  Youthful spirit, that sounds so much nicer than immature.  The negative connotation associated with immaturity leads me to my next point.  Lets change that assumption.  Quite frankly those who are serious all of the time are often grouchy.  Irritabilty towards others is not nice.  I really don’t care that you are having a bad day, suck it up and smile. We all have problems, don’t make yours mine and I won’t make mine yours.  Besides don’t they say smiles are contagious?!



Peter Pan had the coolest house. It was beside the ocean and set in the woods. Jealous! My home is near the ocean now, but it is not a tree house, nor does it exist in a land of fairies, Indians, crocodiles, mermaids and funny pirates.  Cons of Never Never Land would be… the lack of my current friends and family. But, seeing as this is my imaginative world, I would bring them along for the fun!  Surf sessions in the pouring rain(Nisha), crazy runs, biking, kayaking, yoga, rock climbing, and general exploration and epic adventures would be on the daily menu. Delicious!  So, hooray for Never-Never Land, and cheers to creating my own land of Peter Pan right here in the Ocean State! May I never settle for the “real world” and always strive to maintain a sense of wonder.


13 thoughts on “Feeling like Peter Pan

  1. My dream job is to be a camp counselor at a camp on a mountain lake for adults who never forgot how to be kids. I’ll lead ropes course–you wanna do field day? 😉

  2. Awesome! Youthful spirit… Life is too short for grump and grouch. If only there were more like you out there, the world would be a better, happier place!

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A fantastic post reminding us that smiles beat frowns, and that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

  4. i’d say the terms “youthful spirit” and “immature” are definitely not synonymous. A youthful spirit senses the wonder, is never stagnant, laughs easily, loves with abandon, even in the middle of adult responsibilities. Totally you. Flew over the canyon today and thought of you!!!!

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