Why I love long runs

Rare is a day that passes when I am not told that I am crazy.  This sentiment often comes in response to one’s discovery of my little “hobby.”  Now this crazy label may be accurate, but I would not attribute it solely to my love of running.  I like to attribute my fun-ness, a much more accurate portrayal of the often misunderstood term crazy, to genes and downright good luck.  How fortunate am I to be touched in such a special way?  Those that know me will follow this post.  For others of you, just hang in there, and try to interpret my sense of humor. Continue reading


Canyon training and GoPro testing

Today has been fruitful.  Not juicy like fruit, nor tasty, but satisfying.  Two objectives were fulfilled.  I snuck in some R2R2R training, and tested the GoPro camera in one fell swoop.  See below, and check out video footage via my Flicker account.  Overall, testing has yielded successful results.  I feel confident that Ashley and I will return with a plethora of quality, entertaining moments.  Excited?  I hope so.  It will be worth a look, or two!


Friday Fun, Rack-O-Rama style!

Do you ever experience a day full of laughter?  I mean true belly laughs, when your stomach hurts, tears roll down your face, and you may even pee your pants a bit.  Well Friday was once such day for me.  It all began innocently enough with my typical Friday Run Club run.  My fellow girlfriends/running partners and I headed out from the Y on that sunny Spring morning bearing only expectations of a good run and conversation.  Little did we know what was in store for us on down the road….. Continue reading

When life hands your friend lemons, go plant shopping with her! And, Canyon Countdown…5, 4, 3, 2,1

Like any race, life presents its fair share of hills, discomfort, and challenge.  Tuesday served up “unfavorable race conditions”  for my friend.  Not one to be bogged down by negativity, she picked up the phone and called me.  We share a similar sense of humor, and prefer not to wallow in the muck for any length of time.  Naturally, we get along quite nicely.   As the two of us strolled through the isles of plants at the local farm, we enjoyed the smells of the spring blossoms, and laughter at a situation that is beyond the scope of our control. Continue reading