When life hands your friend lemons, go plant shopping with her! And, Canyon Countdown…5, 4, 3, 2,1

Like any race, life presents its fair share of hills, discomfort, and challenge.  Tuesday served up “unfavorable race conditions”  for my friend.  Not one to be bogged down by negativity, she picked up the phone and called me.  We share a similar sense of humor, and prefer not to wallow in the muck for any length of time.  Naturally, we get along quite nicely.   As the two of us strolled through the isles of plants at the local farm, we enjoyed the smells of the spring blossoms, and laughter at a situation that is beyond the scope of our control.  Purchasing a money tree (hey, it could work right?) and lavender, we solved what was within our power:  remaining present with optimistic feelings.  In other words, screw it, we can’t fix the a-holes of the world!  Tomorrow is a new day, also known as, my Birthday!  I am thrilled to have been born, so bring on the celebration.  I am down with anything involving cake and happiness!

(Check out Mr. Wonder’s shades, I want to rock those tomorrow!)

I am also pumped because the Canyon Countdown is on! It won’t be long until I haul my backpack and enthusiasm towards the airport, and make my way to the desert.  Am I prepared?  Well, mentally, yes I am. Physically….not so much.  I probably should get in some more hills and miles.  Additionally, I need to begin my packing check list.  My sleeping pad has been tested thanks to my son.  He gave it a few solid jumps and rolls, testing the durability and integrity.  Lets hope Big Agnes lives up to her name….  or, I will be feeling those pesky desert rocks for sure.

Other items on my list need to be located and organized.  For example, I know where my headlamps are.  They hang from my rear-view mirror because I never know when an opportunity to run will present itself.  I would hate to miss out due to lack of light.  Also, I believe my sleeping bag is in the basement, and my tent and hammock are in the garage.  Maybe the search for camping equipment won’t be so bad after all!  Plus if all else fails, there is always REI.  I predict several visits in the immediate future.


9 thoughts on “When life hands your friend lemons, go plant shopping with her! And, Canyon Countdown…5, 4, 3, 2,1

    • Thank you! Joel surprised me with a party Sunday….so not sure about tomorrow, but it will include ice cream cake and singing;) Heading west at the end of the month!

  1. Mental preparedness is mostly all you need, after all in a run the greatest distance you have to conquer is the four inches between your ears… Happy bday!

  2. The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. You were so beautiful that I felt sorry for all of the other mothers as their babies couldn’t compare!
    Love always.

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