I am one lucky birthday girl

I must have done something right in this lifetime, because I have certainly felt enshrouded with love.  The hugs, cards, kind words and gifts have warmed my heart in such a way that I feel so very blessed.  I am thankful to know that I have the most wonderful family and friends imaginable.  If any of you are reading this, thank you from the warmest depths of my heart.  My relationships are like treasures.  Each one is special, unique and valued.

Birthday day was sunny and warm.  I ran two times, hung out with friends, my sweet children and thoughtful husband.  I also ate cake and peeps.  Receiving multiple singing birthday messages, and a song from sweet Molly was uplifting.  I saved them all, and captured the latter on my new phone for future enjoyment.  Her sweet voice and smile will cheer “Miss Am-bah” on even the most gloomy of days.

Today ended with an emotional punch, one that won’t be forgotten…..My daughter wrote me a letter so powerful, I felt unworthy of such adoration.  As tears flowed from my eyes, I absorbed every precious ounce of love which was poured out for me on the pages of a handwritten birthday card.  Yes, this was a grand day!

Photo 1:  Special package addressed to me: “Amber Happy Birthday Stinkypants Hanks” (nothing like sibling love)

Photo 2:   Contents of pictured package, tried on post 2nd run

Photo 3:  Refreshing Hat and Pink lemonade shorts

Photo 4:   A moment of clarity after a successful run.  The colors are crisp and vibrant.


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