Friday Fun, Rack-O-Rama style!

Do you ever experience a day full of laughter?  I mean true belly laughs, when your stomach hurts, tears roll down your face, and you may even pee your pants a bit.  Well Friday was once such day for me.  It all began innocently enough with my typical Friday Run Club run.  My fellow girlfriends/running partners and I headed out from the Y on that sunny Spring morning bearing only expectations of a good run and conversation.  Little did we know what was in store for us on down the road…..

You must understand that this run club is unlike most.  We rarely discuss running, often stop to hug and bid one another farewell when someone needs to cut it short, and our conversations leave nothing sacred.  That being said, we are a run-, I mean fun-loving bunch of women.  I am not at liberty to discuss specifics of our discussion because: a.) I would forever be banned from the RC or thrown into the ocean, and b.) most people reading this would either blush and giggle, or be terribly offended.  Seeing as neither of these satisfy my objective, I will stick to telling you just enough to allow you to follow this story.

Basically,  in an effort to distract some of the runners from an upcoming hill, several us of made crude jokes and told stories that will forever be left along the highway on which we ran.  Simultaneously running and laughing is no easy feat.  Try it some time, you will see what I mean!  Just make sure you don’t swerve into traffic, that would certainly cause the laughter to cease, and who wants that?  I for one would not.

As we crested the hill, all of the runners but my friend Janine and I turned back towards town.  So there we were, dumb and dumber (I mean that in an endearing way.  I love Janine like a sister, so I can say that), plodding along when suddenly Janine spotted something on the side of the road.  She made some comment like “it looks very fleshy”.  Naturally, I run right over to investigate, and sure enough, it was a nudey magazine (“nudey magazine day! nudey magazine day”-Billy Madison).  This was not your average Maxim or Playboy.  No sir, it was quite graphic!

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with extreme laughter.  Just hang in there and I will tie it up with a bow for you.  I had been running since 8am.  The magazine was discovered around 1130am.  Runs beyond 2 or 3 hours typically induce a feeling of euphoria or silliness.  For me, the runners high is real,  and boy was I flying high!  It wasn’t just the magazine that made me laugh until I was doubled over, although I did find it hysterical lying there so innocently among the wildflowers.

  The combination of the earlier conversation, length of run, and the prominent display of Rack-O-Rama did me in.  I just couldn’t help myself.

But, the fun didn’t end there.  I had to share the photos with the women who prematurely turned around.  The photos caused one friend to almost wreck her car.  Not to say that a potential accident was funny, rather the fact that she was so distracted and surprised by my capturing of a “special run moment” that I giggled, again.

Now this incident would have been enough fun for the day.  However, Ashley had another little gem in store for me when I returned home and checked my email.  There it was in all its glory, her epic Jumbo-Tron marathon finish.  Fair warning, you will be laughing, hard.  I did and still am.


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