North meets South in the West: Initial Packing Phase. Team AA.

Well ladies and gents, the adventure is fast approaching.  Getting rather excited, I have started gathering gear. Team AA will be well equipped.  Gadgets and treats, hammock and tent, it’s all coming with me.  So far my items prepped for packing include:  tent, sleeping bag and pad, head lamp(x2), hammock, Go Pro camera, waterproof bag for iPhone, my broken-in Brooks Cascadias, Nathan Intensity, msr stove, flint, dryer lint, Starbucks vanilla singles, tea bags, coffee mug, and a wide assortment of jelly beans from Easter……I have a substantial amount of work ahead of me.  Other items necessary to a successful, yet entertaining romp in the Canyon are as follows:  fuel for the body(gu, chew, beans, salt caps, pbj, and so forth), cute running attire, toiletries(mascara and lip gloss fall under this category), iPhone/iPod(We need good tunes, as no real road trip is legit without a proper soundtrack.  After all, we are riding off into the wide blue/brown yonder of the desert!), journal and pen, dollar bills, hat, sunglasses, good book(maybe a James Lee Burke), day pack and backpacking pack.  That’s what I have so far.  This is of course subject to change as I make adjustments.  Plus, it’s likely that I have failed to remember certain necessities due to the late hour and the fact that I have had a busy day of running and entertaining children.

Team AA means business!

We are always serious and alert like this bird.



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