Grand Canyon trip report in holding pattern, violin recital, and prep for 78 mile trail run.

May has been a busy month of travel, planning, various kids activities(ie my daughter’s violin recital), and running.  I have not taken a breath to capture all of the amazing moments, but I will.  Maybe by declaring plans to share my trip to the Grand Canyon, as well as my North South Trail ultra-running adventure, I will hold my self accountable sooner rather than later.  That lethal procrastination bug will need to be squashed, SPLAT!  I want the words to flow just as freely as the mighty Colorado did in Arizona.  I desire to share my  experiences in an attempt to inspire and encourage those who are in the contemplation stage.  Envision, train, and believe in your ability to accomplish what may at first appear beyond your reach.  These simple steps will lead you to your goals, whatever they may be.

Now this may sound like psycho babble, or the musings of some cheesy waiting room poster, but I believe in the power of my own dreams.  Personally speaking, my life has been a series of goal chasing efforts.  From the time I was a young child, I was determined to do things my way.  Just ask my parents!  However,  I will stress that my stubborn independence led me to where I am today:  mother to three beautiful children ages 12, 11, and 4, wife to an incredibly supportive and talented man, and to this very inspired point in my life.  Feelings of internal strength further encourage my current goals.

My latest ambition is not a solo endeavor.  As my friend Ashley and I move forth with our business idea, we will summon our inner strength, learned talents, and inspiration from the world around us.  My hope is that we will allow others to experience the joy of accomplishment earned only by dedication and hard work.  We desire to share the beauty of nature with other women.  Stay turned for the unveiling of our newest idea, the brainchild of two women with larger than life dreams!



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