The Grand Adventure Part III: Travel, exploring the park, and making new friends

As I stepped onto the sidewalk in front of TF Green, I took in my last breaths of the salty Rhode Island air.  I squeezed my kids extra tight, and kissed them repeatedly.  In the back of my mind, the adventure looming was one with risks.  I reassured my family I would be diligent with my precautions, and that I would return mostly unscathed in a few short days.  This was it, April 28 had arrived.  Arizona bound, I entered the airport with a smile on my face.  Ashley and I were reuniting, and ready to do so in a grand way! Continue reading


The Grand Adventure Part II

The Grand Adventure

Part II


As the siren song became louder, Ashley and I could no longer resist her tempting lure.  We were hooked, bad. The only remedy was a couple of tickets west, destination Grand Canyon by way of Phoenix Sky Harbor.  And so it was done. Continue reading

Summer is here, and I am outside……..

It has been awhile since I have found myself at the keyboard pounding out thoughts. Most likely this is due to the favorable change in weather here in New England, and not a lack of writing material. Really it’s that I am a procrastinator, and love hot weather.  In essence, I love to frolic in the great outdoors all summer long.  If you catch me indoors, I am either sleeping or grabbing a bite to eat.

Here’s what I have been up to: Continue reading