Summer is here, and I am outside……..

It has been awhile since I have found myself at the keyboard pounding out thoughts. Most likely this is due to the favorable change in weather here in New England, and not a lack of writing material. Really it’s that I am a procrastinator, and love hot weather.  In essence, I love to frolic in the great outdoors all summer long.  If you catch me indoors, I am either sleeping or grabbing a bite to eat.

Here’s what I have been up to: the Grand Canyon rim2rim2rim adventure run with Ashley, a 62 mile run on Rhode Island’s North South Trail with Janine, swimming, kayaking, more running, stand up paddle boarding, impromptu Sunday Amber style road trip to summit NH’s Mt Monadnock with my three kids, more running, painting exterior of our home, eating popsicles and ice cream, boating, growing veggies, laughing, loving, and living! Sound exhausting? Well maybe slightly, but mostly I find it to be satisfying and exhilarating.  It’s the life I love to live.

Grand Canyon

Despite all of these happenings I must regain momentum with my blog.  I do enjoy capturing the special and not so special moments here. It’s the journal I have started many times over, but available for public consumption.  I owe it to myself and those who encourage, support and inspire me to share my adventures.  After all, they are much too scrumptious to hoard myself!  So, here’s to a summer of grand adventure and the sharing of such! Stay tuned……and “hang” in there:



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