What I think about while trail running…

Often, when I find myself alone, on a trail, running my heart out, I have certain moments of clarity.  Or, maybe they are moments of insanity.  Regardless, I enjoy these bursts of creativity.  For instance, I was enjoying a quick dash through a local park, sans company or music, and it occurred to me to write a poem to my brother.  I had been thinking of him a lot lately, yet hadn’t expressed as much to him.  I needed him to know that despite our busy schedules, he is very much a part of my world.

Mid trail, I paused, and proceeded to compose this silly poem:

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Today’s roadside Gem: Keith, tramper of America’s roads less traveled.

Let me just start by saying, I have the pleasure of being surrounded by great friends and family.  My circle of love is wide, and has depth beyond measure.  That being said, my morning was spent running with a couple of great gals who have enriched my circle.

The run was usual.  Laughter, dirty jokes, group therapy, and of course, lots of sweating took place….

As we approached a bend in the road, a man, carrying a very large pack, who was accompanied by a small dog, headed towards us. Continue reading

Mom Serves a Healthy Dose of Mountain Medicine

One Sunday morning in June, the determined rays of the rising sun made their way through the curtains covering my bedroom window.  I knew it was going to be a glorious day.  Based upon the steady stream of vehicles making their way towards the beach, others felt the same way.  I jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs, made a pot of coffee, and let my thoughts transport me to an ideal spot to enjoy the sun.  Unlike the throngs of beach-goers, I wanted to head northwest, towards the cool of the lushly vegetated mountainside. There was an inner drive yearning for a feeling of peace and of burning quads brewing. Continue reading