What I think about while trail running…

Often, when I find myself alone, on a trail, running my heart out, I have certain moments of clarity.  Or, maybe they are moments of insanity.  Regardless, I enjoy these bursts of creativity.  For instance, I was enjoying a quick dash through a local park, sans company or music, and it occurred to me to write a poem to my brother.  I had been thinking of him a lot lately, yet hadn’t expressed as much to him.  I needed him to know that despite our busy schedules, he is very much a part of my world.

Mid trail, I paused, and proceeded to compose this silly poem:

Ode to my brother from the same mother:

Meme, Too Too, snot face
Silly endearing names I associate with a guy I know is oh so great

Memories through a lifetime
Laughter, tears, jokes
Remember the chicken bone coke
Or the kool-aid I concocted to make you choke?

Now you are all grown up
A life all your own
I miss you and us
Yet I am admiring you proudly from afar

Your big huge Sis doesn’t say it enough
I love you and am thankful for your love
You have been there through it all
Giving me a patient shove
Always in the right direction
Leading me to full potential

Thank you for seeing beyond your sister’s flaws, loving anyway
After all, the crazies are in our DNA!

Trail time is sacred.  It is a means to shut out the busy world for temporary escape. The natural world flows smoothly, as it should.  I am at peace.  Until some jackass leaves wrappers on the trail, or I run through a huge mound of horse poo!


5 thoughts on “What I think about while trail running…

  1. My heart fillswith the pride of a job well done, two children both now grown, but successful in their own way. The love you feel for each other gives me great happiness. I love you.


    Sorry about the DNA.

    • I knew this would make Mama’s heart sing! Your babies do love each other, and we love you! As far as the DNA goes, I’m proud and thankful to share the good, bad, and the crazy with my family.

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