The Seduction of Fall. Give in to Temptation.

Fall adventure season is here! The leaves are beginning to display a brilliant array of color, and the air has a crisp bite like the McIntosh from your local apple orchard.  What journey will you embark on now that prime camping time is here?  I can’t wait to frolic among the leaves of New England.  The Long Trail is calling again, as is Acadia National Park….I feel a sneak attack road trip brewing in my ever active adventure bones.

The Smoky section of the AT is also just on the horizon.  Looking forward to some trail slaying with my girl Ashley Walsh.  Armed with lots of great gear, with thanks to Goat Head Gear, Gumption Gear, Gerber, Gore-Tex, SOG, Adventuress and Purificup, we are more than prepared for what the wild and wooly trail may throw our way!

The East coast will be thoroughly explored this season by TeamAA. So enjoy that pumpkin-spice-mocha-caramel frappe latte, but don’t linger too longer.  You don’t want us to have all the fun do you?


Leaving Demons Trail-Side

My head was unusually foggy, the kids were cranky, I needed an escape.  Escape from the nagging “things I need to be doing, but don’t want to do” list, and the lack of clarity clouding my brain like a San Fransisco fog.  The trails called and I answered.  I never regret a trail run.  The combo of nature and trail pounding motion sets my soul on fire.  It’s a damn shame that this potent combo of free therapy remains secret, tucked away from the rest of the self-medicating world.

While I do enjoy my solitary reign of the trails most of the time, it would be refreshing to see other restless souls out there hashing it out, leaving behind a path of sweat, tears, and frustration in their wake.  Maybe I am being somewhat presumptuous in thinking that this is a fix for everyone.  Perhaps it’s just me that’s slightly imbalanced…….on second thought, heck no it’s not! We all battle our own demons in some capacity.  Why not leave them out on the trail, thrown far from harm’s way?  Our amazingly capable bodies were designed for movement in this great big beautiful world around us.  Just move outside folks! It’s free and it’s easy.  Isn’t that what we like?

In a society of individuals looking for temporary escape, the answer is much closer than you think.  It is not at the bottom of a bottle, nor in that carton of ice cream.  Promise. 

*Feedback:  Do you agree that nature + exercise is a magic formula/has healing power? What is your favorite form of “self-medication”?

Be thankful, you never know what tomorrow holds. And, don’t be a jerk.

Yes, as the title infers, it’s a bit of a preachy post, but I’ll keep it brief.  This has been a wild summer for a couple of my dearest friends.  Not wild in a fun, dance on tables kinda way, but wild in a life throws crazy twists and turns at you, sorta way.  Be it health or relationship related, there is always a lesson to be learned.  As a wise man(TuTu) once said, “when you lose, don’t lose the lesson.”

Here it is, the lesson, an abridged version: life is magnificently beautiful, yet has a way of ensuring we remain humble, due to its complex challenges, so hold on through the rough patches, strength is just ahead.  My heart is heavy for the Walsh family, and the Amy family, may each day bring renewed joy and lots of sunshine. I love you guys!

The “don’t be a jerk” bit is for the jerks, you know who you are.