Be thankful, you never know what tomorrow holds. And, don’t be a jerk.

Yes, as the title infers, it’s a bit of a preachy post, but I’ll keep it brief.  This has been a wild summer for a couple of my dearest friends.  Not wild in a fun, dance on tables kinda way, but wild in a life throws crazy twists and turns at you, sorta way.  Be it health or relationship related, there is always a lesson to be learned.  As a wise man(TuTu) once said, “when you lose, don’t lose the lesson.”

Here it is, the lesson, an abridged version: life is magnificently beautiful, yet has a way of ensuring we remain humble, due to its complex challenges, so hold on through the rough patches, strength is just ahead.  My heart is heavy for the Walsh family, and the Amy family, may each day bring renewed joy and lots of sunshine. I love you guys!

The “don’t be a jerk” bit is for the jerks, you know who you are.


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