The Seduction of Fall. Give in to Temptation.

Fall adventure season is here! The leaves are beginning to display a brilliant array of color, and the air has a crisp bite like the McIntosh from your local apple orchard.  What journey will you embark on now that prime camping time is here?  I can’t wait to frolic among the leaves of New England.  The Long Trail is calling again, as is Acadia National Park….I feel a sneak attack road trip brewing in my ever active adventure bones.

The Smoky section of the AT is also just on the horizon.  Looking forward to some trail slaying with my girl Ashley Walsh.  Armed with lots of great gear, with thanks to Goat Head Gear, Gumption Gear, Gerber, Gore-Tex, SOG, Adventuress and Purificup, we are more than prepared for what the wild and wooly trail may throw our way!

The East coast will be thoroughly explored this season by TeamAA. So enjoy that pumpkin-spice-mocha-caramel frappe latte, but don’t linger too longer.  You don’t want us to have all the fun do you?


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