Happy Hydrating: A brief glimpse into the world of running hydration

The most common questions I am asked about distance running are hydration related.  “What’s your preferred method for carrying water while running,” and “how far can you go unaided?”  These are valid questions.  Water is what keeps us out on the roads, in the woods, and allows us to explore this big, beautiful world longer.  Discovering worthy methods of on the go hydration is like finding gold!

I tend to recommend a hydration pack for extended jaunts where water is not readily available.  Packs are key when you don’t want your desire for distance to be limited by a lack of water.  When water is strapped to your back, much like a camel, you can extend the adventure zone with confidence.  Throw a water purification option in the pack as backup, and you have a solid hydration plan.

Recently, Ashley and I had the pleasure of working with Gumption Gear in an effort to give the Highline hydration pack from Ultimate Direction a thorough review.  Curious about what the Highline offers trail running, ultra distance loving, avid explorers? Check out the full write-up over at GoGumption.com.


The Grand Adventure Part IV: Enter the Canyon

The simultaneous buzzing of the iPhone alarms signaled go time.  As Ash and I wiped the residue of a restless night’s canyon dreams from our eyes, my heart began to race.  This was the day that I had been dreaming of for months.  As my partner and I approached the trail head, a sense of pride washed over me.  Here we were, two free spirits, destined to roam, united in the Arizona desert.  Our less than traditional paths finally merged.  Behind us we left a past of addictions, and reckless decisions.  The Canyon represented new challenge, of our own doing, but this go round we had plenty of life experience and training to carry us through.

Fueled by the dawn’s seductive light, I began to rip down Bright Angel.  Continue reading