Purificup, a Review. Read and Avoid Giardia.

This Fall I have had the pleasure of gallivanting up and down the East Coast. My travels took me to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, where I explored a chunk of the Appalachian Trail with Ash.  Additionally, I probed many haunts close to home.  It must be said that if you can’t appreciate the beauty of your own backyard, how can you rightfully claim to admire lands of afar?  With that in mind, I continue to peel back the rich layers of geography and adventure here in New England.

Per usual, I brought my favorite gear along for testing and backup, because……you never know what life is gonna throw your way! The friendly folks over at Purificup provided me with a purple product to give a whirl, and boy did I! I must say it came in handy along the AT and in the Green Mountains of Vermont!  Weighing in at a mere 11 oz,  it is the ideal solution for the age-old problem of avoiding the parasitic monster! Just read what the CDC has to say about Giardia, that ish cray!

CDC knowledge:

What are the symptoms of giardiasis?

Giardia infection can cause a variety of intestinal symptoms, which include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas or flatulence
  • Greasy stool that can float
  • Stomach or abdominal cramps
  • Upset stomach or nausea
  • Dehydration

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep my bowels from exploding along the trail when possible.  The handy Purificup helped me ease my burden this Fall. Not once did I contract a parasite, and I drank plenty of questionable water!

The device is easy to use, and comes in several nice jewel tones (not that I was looking to coordinate my water purifier with my outfit;) ).  My only gripe with this product is the given method of keeping track of filter usage.  It would be easy to accidentally reset the manual counting ring, thus preventing an accurate account of times the filter has been used. I suppose the best method of keeping track of filter usage and replacement is by way of approximation or written journal.

Overall, I’d say this is a solid purification system, and I will continue to use it in the future.

Stay hydrated my friends!

For additional specifications and product technology visit Purificup


4 thoughts on “Purificup, a Review. Read and Avoid Giardia.

  1. Looks like a great product. I had giardia when I was younger, and it was a less-than-pleasant experience. But it did help me lose almost 30lbs (which I had to lose, at that point in my life!), so it wasn’t all bad! Right now I just have an old-school filter, but this looks like a much better option.

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