Adventure: Heeding the Call!

It’s that time again! Ashley and I are booking flights and heading west; leaving behind our sweet families and the comfort of our homes in exchange for an ultra running, road tripping, car dancing, trail exploring, friend reunion, beautiful mess of a trip!  Celebrating another year of life (30 is fantastic) and gathering steam for the next phase, we will bring our hearts and enthusiasm for this edition of AAadventure Cali style.

dirty 30

Our trip begins with an exclamation point, as usual, and will surely build like a blaring crescendo.  Here’s where this trip goes in my mind, I close my eyes and play it like a dreamscape: First and foremost, Ash and I will embrace in a big bear-style hug as we rush towards our mode of transportation.  Not so secretly, I am hoping for the super score we had last year during our Grand Canyon trip.  If you recall, we reserved a not so super economy car, yet due to our sweet southern manners and “charm,” drove off in a delicious red Jeep Wrangler.  Does lightening strike twice? Well, we will just have to find out when we step our glittery toes(presuming our toenails haven’t fallen off by then) in California.

AAadventure Jeep: Grand Canyon edition

Next, I visualize meeting, for the first time, our partner, Angie, the third A of our AAAsugar race team.  Race team, what race team? Nope, I didn’t forget to mention this. I’m making my way towards the next scene in my dreamscape, the race.  Drum roll pease!

The infamous Badwater race is branching out to the Salton Sea, and that’s where the three blonde A’s are going to work together to traverse 81 sun-baked desert miles.

81 miles of highs and lows. We will see lots of dead fish, an oversized Yeti, Palomar Mountain, and much more, all beneath a brilliant desert sky.  The sunset is sure to plaster a smile on the face of even the most uptight of racers.  And the twinkling stars will hang over our heads, reminding us to push towards the finish as we let our loud whoops and cries scare the other teams.

Yes, Badwater SS, here we come! Ready to embrace the challenge, yet do it our way. I see this grand opportunity as a fun, life-enhancing, yet not life-breaking event.  Ash, Ang (may I call you that?!), and I are going to rock BWSS next month, and I am beyond psyched to experience the parade of characters as they(we) emerge!

Gift from my Bro


Closing a chapter, reflecting on it, and looking towards a beautiful future.

My path has not been straight and narrow.  Lord knows it has been far from it!  It has been wide, often taking the longest, steepest routes possible.  At times it has been covered with tears, and other times marked with laughter.  The path has been one of solitude and one of companionship.  It has seen new life and death, failure and accomplishment.  This path has carried me through dark nights, but even brighter days.  Sunny moments highlighting the beauty of life are the ones I have most enjoyed.  However, it was the moments of sadness and struggle that brought new growth.  That’s the way it happens.

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