Morning with Brady

The big fat sun extends her powerful rays straight through the clouds, pouring warm light into the vast sea.  My son, a dimpled, sun-bleached blond, flashes his  snaggletooth smile at me from his board.  He rides the waves with ease.  The frothy whitewater carries him towards the shore. His legs propel him faster and faster, feet kicking like a duck’s, through the saline wonderland.  Roaring ocean, and chattering gulls overhead are the soundtrack to this moment.

Without effort, he makes a new friend.  A quick exchange of names, the boys are a fluid duo.  They bond over their shared joy.  I take a step back, noting the sand being pulled by the tide beneath my feet. Solid footing, yet ever-changing.  The sea reflects life.

My heart expands with each cresting wave.  Here we are free, light with the breeze, the sea carrying us higher.  The world buzzes by as we are suspended in this lightness. The beach-goers fade into the background, and all I see is a boy floating next to me.  I feel our connection, it buzzes like electricity.  A unique bond created by biology and the intangible.  That sacredness between mother and child is enhanced by our surroundings.  Nurtured by Mother Nature, we embrace this moment, absorbing her fruitful offering.



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