A chorus of birds, shock of green, forest moist with renewal after a Spring rain. Intoxicating scents filling the pores with sweetness.  Run, breathe it in through your ears, your eyes, your being.  This moment is good.Dream awhile

Squishy mud, rocks and roots. Reminders to be present. Be here, it is good.

Worries fade, time is lost beneath the canopy of protection out here. Be with it, it is so good.

Fog blanketing the sea ahead, mist hanging in the clearing.  It is safe here. Hidden from intruders. Hide here awhile, it is good.

costal fog

Treasures along the way surprise and fill the heart with joy.  As silently as they appear, they vanish.  Left with a feeling of goodness.  Pause with it, it is good.Treasure