Nature, a great teacher

The crunch of multicolored leaves brought my attention to the forest floor.  The trees are in the process of pushing out a last burst of visible energy in the form of brilliantly colored leaves.  These leaves will then fall, turn brown, and disappear.  The trees are just like us, cycling through periods of life and death, shedding layers, each year growing in many ways.  And just like us, most of the growth isn’t visible; it sits just beneath the surface, brewing and waiting to burst forth like Spring buds after a long, snowy winter.  Life and death is purposeful and beautiful.  I felt comforted by this.

And, musings from last Fall:
Fall is in the Air
Summer gracefully bows to Fall, offering the last of her blossoms. Crisp white daisies signal the surrender. Fall joyfully rises to the occasion. Without ego, she signals a gradual palate change.
Farewell for now Summer greens, we gently bring you rest. Join us in the parade of color. Let us sing melodies of golden wisdom together!