Roots Run Deep

My character building adventures began in elementary school. Reflecting back, I did not appreciate, nor care for what has now become the foundation on which I attempt to balance my life. By my life I mean, anything that has to do with my role as mother, wife(of a touring musician), athlete, student, caring member of a wonderful yet zany family, friend, responsible member of society(mostly),  seeker of decent mental health, ……………..

Now you may ask, “what IS this character building business?” Well, honestly it is loosely defined.  Taken to mean for my purposes as: any activity that fosters growth within an individual. For example, section hiking the Appalachian Trail with your dad while you are a hormonal pre-teen female, who only wants to spend QT with friends, would constitute character building. Stick patrol is another good one.  Stick patrol is a “fun” activity instituted by dad.  Basically my brother and I were responsible for collecting all of the sticks around the yard as dad would go crazy with the hedge trimmers. Those poor shrubs and trees never stood a chance! However, I slowly, but surely was developing character.

Present day, I attempt to strive for frequent adventure as it nourishes my soul.  I guess you could say, “I’ve gone back to my roots.”   Additionally, I now lead my own children on various character building adventures.  Lucky kids!

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